I Love Me


With flaws and all.


Is it OK?


What does it mean to love oneself?


For real.


To see yourself for who you are and loving what you see whether society says you are not good enough as you are.


Because you do!


Daring to look past the ego and find the fleshy authentic on the inside, that we like to put a coat of armor around for fear that we are not good enough as we are.


We all have scars that we tackled in different ways, have learned to live with, dug down and tried to move on.


But it is still there and it chafes, surfacing occasionally in meeting with any other man or something we experience tearing up old wounds.


All these events set themselves as blockages and prevents us from living fully.


Take a look at yourself.


What do you see?


Loving yourself means to be true to himself.


Dare to listen to your inner compass that says what is right and wrong.


Stand up for yourself.


Dare to put yourself first - because unless you work, everything else falls.

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